Custom Envelope Liners

Looking for a specific color or a PMS match?
Already designed your custom envelope liners?
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We can help!

Custom envelope liners can be made from any text weight paper and are available for square flap, euro flap and pointed flap envelopes. They can be made to fit a variety of envelopes that we carry or for envelopes that you have already purchased elsewhere. Our envelope liners fit many of the the most popular envelopes including paper source envelopes, options envelopes, cranes square flap envelopes and cranes pointed flap envelopes as well as many other brands. If you are unsure if our envelope liners will fit your envelopes please contact us or request a sample on our samples page.

Ordering and Pricing

You can view pricing and order your custom envelope liners for A7 envelopes here:

Other sizes can be ordering by contacting us!

Printing a design on your envelope liners

If you’ve already designed your custom envelope liners and need them printed and cut, you can submit your art to us at If you’d like us to design your envelope liners for you, please contact us for a quote.

Your design can be printed digitally or on the offset press on a variety of different papers.

You may also send in your printed paper for cutting if you've already had the paper printed to match your invitations.

PMS matching is available for digital and offset printing.

Envelopes for your Custom Envelope Liners

We have a very large selection of colored envelopes to choose from as well as white and ivory envelopes. Inner and outer envelopes are also available in our wedding envelopes section. Our envelopes are available in many different styles including square flap envelopes, euro flap envelopes and pointed flap envelopes.

We can print your return address and/or guest list can be on your envelopes for you. We recommend printing your envelopes before they are lined.

Envelope Lining Service is also available for $16.25/25 pack of envelopes. If you've already purchased envelopes that have been printed, you can simply send them in to us for lining.

PMS Matching

If you’d like to choose from our existing selection of papers and would like to know what the closes match is to your event colors, just let us know the color you are trying to match and we will let you know what our closest match is.

PMS matching is also available for our digitally and offset printed items for a $35.00 fee.

Special Order Papers

If you are looking for a color that isn’t listed on our site, please contact us. We have access to thousands of papers, but we only list the papers we stock on the web site. You can special order any other paper or send in your paper for cutting if you’ve already purchased paper for your envelope liners.


The pricing for custom envelope liners varies depending on the availability of the paper you would like, whether we are printing the paper or you are sending it in, and on whether you are using a square flap, euro flap or pointed flap envelope.

For more information or a price quote for custom envelope liners please contact us!

One of our favorite customizations is adding the couples initials to the upper corner of an envelope liner for the most beautiful personalized wedding envelopes.